February Favourites 2017

Hello! 😀

It’s that time again where I go through all of my favourites from the past month. Now, for some reason, I don’t have a lot of favourites this month and majority of them are music favourites. Because I bought a Pandora bracelet, I had no money to spend on new beauty products to try out, so I had my usual makeup to use. However, I have fell in love with a couple of makeup products that I received for Christmas and didn’t try out properly until this past month. 🙂

Like usual, I’m going to start of with makeup and beauty products.

My first makeup favourite from February has been the Sleek Au Naturel eyeshadow palette. I’m going to be doing a full review on Sleek eyeshadow palettes soon as I received two of them for Christmas. Out of the two that I received, this was the one that I asked for as the shades are for an everyday natural look (well, majority of them, not all of them). Everyday that I wear eyeshadow to college, I without a doubt use this palette, whether that’s for a base shade or for a full eyeshadow look. My favourite shades are Cappuccino and Taupe. Cappuccino is a great base as it’s skin coloured and matte, whereas Taupe is a great inner corner highlight as it’s so shimmery. I could not recommend this palette enough as there are beautiful colours included in this palette.

My last makeup favourite from February has been the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Smokey Eye Trio eyeshadow palette. I haven’t used this eyeshadow palette for a smokey eye as I don’t wear them a lot. I have, however, been using the middle shade the most, which is called Winter Walk, as it’s a gorgeous shimmery shade. I have mainly been using this all over the lid after I have done an eyeshadow look to make it look shimmery. This can also be used as an inner corner highlight. These eyeshadows are beautiful and super pigmented. I could not recommend Tanya Burr Cosmetics eyeshadows enough. 🙂

A jewellery favourite of mine from the past month has been my Pandora charm bracelet. If you have read my blog post from last month based around it, which you can read here, then you will know that I saved up my money and spent it on a Pandora bracelet. My mum bought me a charm to go on it, which I’m so grateful for. I absolutely love this bracelet and have been wearing it a hell of a lot (I’m currently wearing it whilst writing this blog post). I definitely recommend splurging on a Pandora bracelet as they are definitely worth the money and are all unique because of the different charms you can get (all of which can I add are stunning).

Now onto random favourites!

One TV show that I have been loving has been Release The Hounds. I have only started watching this show as my favourite YouTuber, Joe Sugg, was on one of the episodes and I wanted to know what it was about ready for that episode. The show is quite hard to explain but it’s basically celebrities (well, this series is) completing challenges to try and outrun hounds so they can give money to charities. It’s amazing and I would definitely recommend watching it if you have ITV2.

Another TV show I have been loving is Emmerdale (again… I said in my last favourites that it’s gonna be in every favourites.). I have absolutely loved Emmerdale, especially the last full week they had as I was a bundle of emotions. I genuinely could not recommend this soap anymore than I already have. It’s SO GOOD! 😀

MUSIC!!! I have been finding so many new artists and music to listen to throughout February, which is going to carry on for a couple of months as I am loving doing this. 🙂

I started off in February by listening to Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance album. I am not lying when I said that I listened to this album non-stop for 3 weeks. I was obsessed and I still am. I love Selena so much and I’m so pumped for her next album!!! Also, I have been loving her song that she released with Kygo called It Ain’t Me. Such a fabulous tune!

Around the same time, Aston Merrygold released another song called The Favourite, which he released for his birthday. I heard it whilst I was at college (like always) and I was near crying in the foyer. I absolutely love Aston and I become more and more excited for his album the more songs he releases!

At the end of February, 3 other songs became a favourite very quickly. These were: Something Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, Stay by Zedd feat. Alessia Cara and Hurts by Emeli Sandé. These three songs were all that I listened to whilst February was ending and are all absolutely incredible.

That’s all that I have for my February Favourites for 2017. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and comment down below something that you have loved during February. 🙂


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