Everything Everything Book Review

Hello! 🙂

(Sorry this blogpost is late; I forgot to schedule it!)

Today’s blogpost is going to be a book review on an amazing book by Nicola Yoon, which is called Everything Everything, which, if you read my Books I Would Like To Read During the Easter Holidays 2017 blogpost, you will know that I’ve wanted to read this for a long time!

I absolutely loved reading this book. It’s blimming amazing. The book is about a girl called Maddy who is allergic to the world outside of her house, so has spent pretty much her entire life inside her house. One day new neighbours move in, who intrigue her: especially the boy called Olly. Because Maddy can’t go outside, Olly wants to get to know her and helps change her world as she knew it. At the end of the blurb it says that this book is “about the crazy risks we take for love“, which I 100% agree with after reading this book.

I received this book for Christmas (I know! It’s been a long time and a very busy time!) and the fact that I finally had the time to read it makes me extremely happy, especially as the trailer for the movie version came out not too long ago. This book was definitely worth the wait to read. This book is so cute and romantic and you feel pretty much every emotion whilst reading it, as you discover and find out a lot.

I started reading this book on a Saturday, just before dinner (or tea) time, and by the time dinner (or tea) time came around on the Sunday, I had finished it. It’s such an easy read as the chapters aren’t very long (the longest is about 10 pages, I’d say) and some chapters don’t really have a lot featured. I could not put this book down the whole 24 hours that I read it as I just wanted to know and find out more about what was happening to Maddy and her relationship with her mum and Olly. The book is so well written and perfectly describes the fact that people will do crazy things just for the price of love, which can be cute but also life-destroying (I’m not saying whether it’s either…). The next time you have some money free to spend, I’d highly recommend buying this book. I, now, just have to wait for the movie to be released and I am so pumped for it!

Bravo to you, Nicola Yoon, for writing an incredible book!

That’s all that I have for this blogpost. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. 🙂


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