June 2017

Hello! Happy July! (My birthday month!!!) 😀

It’s officially July which means two things: 1) I’m now on Summer holidays and 2) it’s my birthday VERY soon! It also means that I get to write my review of the past month, which explains the highs and the lows that I had in my life. I do this for every month so that I can improve on the previous month, however, it never seems to work for me… Until this month!!

The highs of this past month were:

  • I finally hit 50 followers!!!!!! On the 30th June, someone decided to follow my blog and became my 50th follower! I don’t know how and/or why I have this many followers, but I’m so happy that I have this many. I hit 30 followers in April, 40 in May and now 50 in June! For everyone who follows me on this little, silly blog: thank you for following me so much! 😀
  • The hot weather that came to England for about 3 days. Absolutely amazing!
  • Orange is the New Black came back! After the year long wait to find out what was actually going to happen, it returned for another season… And it did NOT disappoint at all! I’m so pumped for season 6 next year as they (yet again) left it on a cliffhanger…
  • I started watching my fave (Glee) again. Every year I watch Glee from the very first episode to the last (including the concert movie) as it’s my favourite TV show ever and it just makes me a lot happier. I’ve only just worked my way through season 1 again (I’ve been busy – I can watch it a lot faster trust me) and my mood is so much better because of it. Thank you Ryan, Ian and Brad (the creators) for this amazing show, yet again. ❤
  • I SAW LITTLE MIX LIVE IN CONCERT!!!!! After loving them for years (since Wings came out) I finally got to see them in concert! And, as most people know, they are incredible performers and did not disappoint at all. (I lost my voice that night from screaming and singing along really loudly…)
  • I got tickets to Hello World! If you didn’t know, this is a YouTube event happening in Birmingham in October. The tickets went on sale on the 29th June and I picked up two tickets for me and my best friend for the Saturday. (We’re both super excited for this!!!!)
  • I became more confident. I’ve never really been too confident, especially with socialising, but this past month has seen this change and I’m so much more happier because of it. 🙂
  • I was happy. And that’s all that people need to be. 😀

Now onto the lows (there weren’t many, not gonna lie…):

  • Having to go back to college for 3 weeks… Not very fun when you know that summer is so close.
  • No new music for me to listen to. (I like finding new music and there was none… Also I can’t think of anything else that ruined my June so this was a last resort for me.)

To sum up June 2017: it was the best month of this year so far. I absolutely LOVED this month and I genuinely don’t remember being or feeling sad at any moment during it. My anxiety also was pretty much non-existent for the whole month with it only popping up at a few moments. June 2017 will be one that I will remember from this year for sure!

That’s all that I have for this blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. 🙂


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