The Best Week Of 2017

Hello! πŸ˜€

Since starting my blog in January this year, I have realised that whenever I talk about my personal life, I sound really negative (mainly because of my anxiety and the fact that I’m fed up with it). I’ve decided that I’m going to tell a positive story from my personal life for today’s blog post so that I don’t seem like I’m moody all the time. As well as this, I want to remember all of the great things that happened during this week I am going to be talking about.

The week that I’m talking about is 24th June – 30th June.

The week started off with me at work. I have enjoyed my last couple of shifts at work mainly because I hadn’t made any mistakes, the people who I have worked with have been absolutely amazing and I have actually helped people as I’m getting more and more used to it. This specific day was my first shift with my boss being back at work, so I was kind of anxious about it because I didn’t know how I was going to be in front of her, but it actually went so much better than I expected it to. This left me being extremely happy.

The next day (the 25th) I was off to London to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousins because I was going to see Little Mix in concert there. The train there went so smoothly (I was nervous about going there all by myself) and once I got there, everything was great. Little Mix were absolutely incredible and I really want to go and see them live again as they are amazing live. This made this week already the best week of 2017 as I loved it so much. The next day was great too as the train home was smooth (they were both delayed so I was scared I was going to miss my second one, but I didn’t) and I also wasn’t at college so I got to chill when I was home. Basically, this experience made the week absolutely incredible.

On the 27th, I had college in the morning and then I had to go to work to help with the stock take. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I only usually work on Saturday’s whilst I’m at college, but I actually found it really relaxing and the 3 hours flew by, thankfully.

On the 28th, I started feeling a tiny bit anxious (not much though that it affected me in any way) but that soon changed once I got to Media. My Media teacher made me day much better by talking to me (I’m not gonna say what about but it was positive) and the rest of the day was really nice and chill, which I also really liked.

The next day, the Thursday, I got tickets at 9am for Hello World for me and my best friend. Since this event was announced, we had being speaking about going and I thankfully got tickets to go on the Saturday, which made me (and her) super excited about going. This day was also my last day at college before the summer holidays, so I was also really pumped once I had finished college that day. (Prepare for better blog posts over these next two months!!!!) πŸ˜€

And, on the Friday, to end this week off, I spent my first day of my summer holidays chilling and relaxing after having a hectic year of AS Levels. Life was great (and still is (apart from someone at work the next day being a b*tch)). πŸ™‚

After this week, my 2017 had already improved and I was starting to actually enjoy it for once. Because of this one week, this year won’t suck as much as I thought it would and I’m so happy about this.

That’s all that I have for this blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and I hope you all have an incredible week. πŸ˜€


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