2017 Goals: Half Year Update

Hello! πŸ˜€

Today’s blog post is an extra one for this week and I realised that it is now July, which means that half of this year has already been. At the very start of this year, my 2nd blog post of this year, I set myself some goals that I wanted to achieve this year. (If you want to read that blog post then click here.) The main purpose of that blog post was so that I could look back at it during the year, like now for example, and see how I’m doing with it so far. So, without further ado, I’ve got my 2017 Goals post open in another window and I’m ready to update everyone on how I’m doing.

  1. Care more for my skin – By this I meant moisturising and caring for my face’s skincare so I didn’t get a lot of spots. The moisturising bit of this goal has been achieved – I moisturise every time after I have had a bath which is pretty much everyday. From this, my skin feels so much more softer and isn’t as dry as what it was at the start of the year and last year. Caring more for my face by not getting many spots is kind of working. I don’t use skincare anymore as I find it just makes my skin worse, but I still do get the occasional spot, because I am only a teenager, and I do forget to wash my face sometimes which is really gross (I’m sorry!). The second part of this goal I still need to work on, but I am getting along pretty nicely with this goal so far in the year.
  2. Find a job – I previously written that I basically had no money and couldn’t keep on relying on my parents to give me money or buy me things so I decided to be mature and search for a job. If you have been following my blog posts since April then you will know that I have accomplished this goal. I got a paper round which I do weekly for a local newspaper and I also work at a retail store in my town. Basically, I have smashed this goal and this makes me very happy as I’m finally earning money to spend! πŸ˜€
  3. Focus on blogging and stick to it – I started this blog on the 1st January this year, which feels like ages ago but also like it was only yesterday. I had previously had blogs which I kept for 6 months the first time and not even a week the second time. It is now July (the 7th month of this year) and I am still here writing blog posts every week (not always on time but I always make sure at least 1 publishes every week). I am more focused than ever on blogging and, even though I haven’t always been the best at it, I’m sticking to it and hopefully sticking to my schedule for the second half of the year.
  4. Travel somewhere – In my 2017 Goals blog post, I said how I hadn’t been on holiday since 2015 and I missed it and wanted to go somewhere. However, even just going to somewhere like London counted as I went there last year and loved it. I haven’t achieved this yet and I don’t think my trip down to London to see Little Mix counts, so I still have to achieve this. Hopefully something will come up soon!
  5. Learn to drive – This hasn’t even started yet unfortunately. My birthday is the 8th July (the day after this blog post goes live!) so I haven’t started to learn yet. I have got my provisional and I have booked my first driving lesson so I am on my way there slowly. Let’s just hope I can drive by the end of this year! (It’s a long shot but a girl can dream right?)
  6. Finally, get good grades in my AS exams – I don’t know if this has happened yet as I don’t know until August, but based on my exams, I don’t think they went massively badly (meaning I think I’ll get an E and above which is a pass) so who knows? I guess you’re going to have to find out in my next update…

Overall: I haven’t been too bad on sticking to my goals for this year, but as you can tell by reading this, I still have a way to go before fully completing all of them (that’s if I even do!). I’m happy with my progress so far so let’s hope my progress for the second half of this year is just as great!

That’s all that I have for this blog post. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. πŸ™‚


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