What I Got For My 17th Birthday

Hello! πŸ˜€

If you did not know, on the 8th July 2017, I turned 17 years old! My birthday was the Saturday that has just been and I don’t know how I am already 17. Next year I’ll be 18 which actually terrifies me in a way. (I mean, I’ll legally be able to drink alcohol… What even?!) Before I start having an existential crisis about how old I am (sorry if you’re older and I’m making you feel so much older than me), I’m going to share with you fellow readers of my blog what I received for my birthday. (I ain’t trying to brag or anything. I did this for the sole purpose of me reflecting on this birthday in the future.)

The main present that I got for my birthday was… (drum roll please)

An Apple Watch! (I’m seriously not trying to show off here, I swear!) My mum prefers buying one main present when it comes to birthdays and Christmas’s as it’s just easier. As I spend majority of my time on my phone and I always complain about not having a watch, my mum combined the two and decided to get me an Apple Watch. I’m seriously so grateful to receive this and I wear it 24/7 pretty much (I even wore it in my first driving lesson today… You’ll find out more about this next week… πŸ˜‰ ). I would recommend getting an Apple Watch if you can afford it (or just ask someone to get it as a present) as it does so much more than I thought it would.

One thing that I got that was quite expensive, bearing in mind what it is, is a Q&A a day, 5 year journal. This is basically a book which has 366 questions in which you answer everyday for 5 years. I had wanted this book ever since it was in a YouTube video (I believe it was a Zoella one… I’m not 100% sure on that.) and I am so thankful that I have this. So far I have sticked to everyday and have answered all of the questions since the 8th July, so hopefully I stick to it for the next 5 years…

Carrying on with books, I received quite a lot (as I am a bookworm).

All of these books (apart from the one in the bottom right hand corner) are books that were in Zoella’s second book club. I know, I know, I’m only just making my way through the second one, but I don’t have a lot of money majority of the time. The last book, that I didn’t get from Zoella, is another book by Jennifer Niven. If you read my blog posts in January, then you will know that I absolutely loved her other bookΒ “All The Bright Places” so I obviously wanted to read her other book that she had out. I haven’t started reading any of them yet (I probably will start once I’ve finished writing this blog post and another one after this), but they all sound super interesting and I’m excited to read them. (I will be doing book reviews on, if not all, majority of them.)

(Zoella’s second book club video, in case you wanted to know what these books were about: )

My best friend, Lily, (Hi m8, if you’re reading… Hopefully you are otherwise that’s bad friendship… Jk love you!) got me some presents that IΒ LOVE a heck of a lot. I would also like to add that the birthday card she got me had cats on.Β I LOVE CATS.Β And she knew that as well. Anyway, she got me a book about photography as I love taking photos and I love whenever I have a photography lesson. She also got me this absolutely amazing snow globe that’s based on London! She knows that I love London and that I want to live there one day (and we also went there together for my 16th birthday) so she decided to get something London based… And I love it so much. Thank you so much Lil, if you are reading this, for my presents! πŸ™‚

And finally, I received a Pandora charm. A while ago I did a blog post based on me buying my Pandora bracelet, which you can read here, and ever since then I hadn’t gotten a new charm to add to it. I received this simple black bead (my favourite colour) and I love it. I am finally starting to add to my collection of charms and this makes me very happy.

(Alongside all of this I got chocolate, MAOAM Pinballs (from Lil as she knows they’re my favourite) and some money which I haven’t spent yet.)

That’s everything that I got for my 17th birthday. If you’re reading this and you got me something, thank you so so much! I had an incredible day and now I get to enjoy my last year as a teenager (18 is considered an “adult” in the UK). πŸ˜€

That’s all that I have for this blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. πŸ™‚


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