The Perfect Spring/Summer Nail Varnishes

Hello! πŸ˜€

Today’s blog post is a post that I’ve wanted to do before Spring was even here, but I just never got around to actually writing it. The reason for this is because I wanted to paint my nails using each of the colours. I, unfortunately, still haven’t done this, but my original blog post for today had to be changed. So I thought “Why not?”. Spring is officially over and we are well into Summer, but this is still relevant as we still have a long while left before Summer is officially over.

I decided to help out anyone who reads this to give them some nail varnishes that I think areΒ perfect for this time of year – or anytime of year to be honest. Out of my massive nail varnish collection (I love to buy new nail varnishes even though I don’t wear it that often), I chose the perfect 5 for, specifically, this time of year. πŸ™‚


These are the 5 nail varnishes that I chose. From left to right they are: Tanya Burr Cosmetics matte nail varnish in the shade New Chapter, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish in the shade Huckleberry, Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine nail varnish in the shade 703 White Hot Love, Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine nail varnish in the shade 853 Pillow Talk and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish in the shade Prickly Pear. Out of these 5 shades, only one of them are matte, which is something that I think is more of an Autumn/Winter thing, but the shade just makes it perfect for Spring/Summer.

The Tanya Burr Cosmetics nail varnish is theΒ only matte out of the ones I have chosen (it’s also the only matte nail varnish I own). It’s a stunning grey-purple shade, however, it is more towards the grey than it is purple. I bought this last year when I was in London and, I’m not going to lie, I’ve only wore it a couple of times since. The reason for this is that I don’t have a matte top coat for my nails, so the nail varnish either doesn’t last long or becomes shiny as I use a normal one. As well as this, I find matte nail varnishes hard to use as the formula is quite thick, but I still love it to death and I will never regret buying it. This costs Β£4.99 from

The first Barry M nail varnish (Huckleberry) is my favourite nail varnish out of them all and is the one I decide to wear the most. It’s a gorgeous pale blue shade and it’s also a gel nail polish, instead of a normal one. Barry M nail varnishes have such a nice formula and are not hard to useΒ at all. I have bought several nail varnishes by Barry M and find that all of them are the same. Out of all of these nail varnishes, this is the one I recommend buying the most. This costs Β£3.99 from Superdrug.

The first Rimmel London nail varnish (White Hot Love) is so simple, yet one of my favourite shades. If you know me, you’ll know that all I wear is black and/or white. The colour is just pure white and, from what I can tell (I’ve never worn this nail varnish), has got a bit more of a shine to it than other nail varnishes. This nail varnish is the cheapest as it only costs Β£2.99 from Superdrug and, even though I haven’t worn it before, it does look amazing quality for the price that it is.

The second Rimmel London nail varnish (Pillow Talk) is extremely similar to the pale blue Barry M nail varnish that I mentioned earlier. To be honest, I didn’t need to buy this nail varnish, but Rimmel London had an offer on that day so I decided to. The only reason I bought this nail varnish (apart from the fact that the colour is stunning) is because of the name. One of my favourite Zayn songs is Pillowtalk, which is the main reason why I picked it up (don’t judge me ok). This shade is a bit darker than Barry M Huckleberry, which is why it’s acceptable for me to have it (that’s what I tell myself anyway). This costs Β£2.99 from Superdrug as well.

The other Barry M nail varnish (furthest on the right) is also absolutely incredible. Its the same formula as the other Barry M nail varnish that I mentioned above. The colour is a stunning pale, bright purple. I haven’t worn this one as much as the other one, but I still love it so so so much. This costs Β£3.99 from Superdrug.

That’s all that I have for this blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. πŸ™‚


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